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  • It is now possible to customize the background image in your project pages.

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It's the end of the world !!! (or not)

If you are reading this it's because in fact you are still alive and it's not the end of the world. Good news! However, this end of the world is a little bit disappointing I think. I was expecting at least some people who brave the streets pretending to be zombies or other apocalyptic creatures, but no, nothing.So I've decided to dive this website in the Apocalyptic world to add a little bit of "m...


Update : beta 1.7.2 - 3D models previewer

Hi all, 3D files present in the resources section of the site can now be pre-viewed with textures rather than wireframe. The interface was also optimized by replacing the buttons and other controls by simple mouse movements or scrolling to rotate the 3D model in all its angles. As you've probably seen, the news section as well as changed, each news can now be decorated with a thumbnail image and...


Update : beta 1.7.1 - The chat is born !

The long-awaited chat is now available! After seeing the large number of people who voted for it to be added to the site, I decided to stick to it more firmly. After a reorganization of my old code to allow the creation of instances of chat rooms, I finally managed to solve my problem of network and now the server is accessible via the Internet. I am very proud because I understood at the same tim...


Update : beta 1.7 - A lot of changes !

I had time to do a lot of changes this weekend! Here's what's new on the site starting with the item that I like the most: It is now possible to add a custom background image to your projects pages! It will be the same size as the background image of the site and there will be the same grey gradient around it to maintain some consistency across the entire site. No need to add it yourself, the sit...

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C'est la crise en 2013

La preuve, ce site a été délocalisé dans nos souvenirs après une brève montée en puissance mais grâce au Fond Mémoriel des Idées (FMI) tout est possible à condition, bien entendu, d'accepter une politique rigoureuse de capitalisation des intérêts communs.

Rapport de Test de Cam et Leon

Pour vous prévenir qu'un petit rapport suite au test de mon jeu est disponible sur la page de mon projet.
Bonne journée.

Alone in Space, le Devblog!

Depuis quelques jours déjà, le projet est enfin lancé. Un devblog est là et vous raconte le développement au fil de l'eau. Pour des raisons de visibilité, ce dernier est rédigé en anglais : 


Sur la route

Le choix technologique est fait, et le développement "réel" a déjà démarré.

Pour l'occasion, un devblog (tenu en anglais) est créé ici : http://alone-in-space-devblog.blogspot.fr/ .

Alone in Space, c'est vraiment parti!

Du neuf!

Après mes investigations dans les rouages d'Unity 3D, ma décision est maintenant prise. Outre les avantages que mon entourage a pu me présenter, je ne suis pas convaincu par cette architecture pour ce projet précis. Je garde en revanche cette idée pour d'autres projets futurs.

Je développerai donc Alone in Space en C# / XNA.

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Main objectives of this website

  1. Offer a gathering and exchanges place for hobbyist games creators where mutual aid between members is valorised and where the game developpement for fun is put forward.
  2. Allow hobbyist game creators to expose their projects and participate in other's projects. It is possible to get involved in short terms by doing missions or in long terms by joining the developpement team of a project.
  3. Host ressources (3D models, textures, sounds, etc.) made by members who accept sharing their creations under creative commons licenses.

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